Your Data

Our website may collect your first name, last name, email address, and how you found us if and only if you choose to explicitly provide it. When provided, your information is used only for:

  • Email newsletters, of which which website visitors must explicitly opt-in to
  • 1-to-1 email marketing between yourself (the website user) and Deep Living Lab

Your information will never be sold to third-parties. Moreover, Deep Living Lab retains control of subscriber personal data (assuming a role known as the “data controller”) and works with only reputable data processors who produce tooling to deliver fundamental marketing functionality such as website analytics and user personalization.

Reasonable effort is made to keep your data safe. Access to Deep Living Lab technology platforms are governed by passwords, multi-factor authentication when supported, and access to said systems is strictly limited to the Deep Living Lab team.  


Cookies are very small files stored in memory and/or the hard drive of your device, and are used to identify visitors of this site for purposes of:

  • Personalization of the web site experience for different segments of users
  • Improving user experience so that personal information does not need to be entered repeatedly (for things like content downloads)
  • Aggregated / anonymized web visitor statistical reports, so that Deep Living Lab can analyze popular web site content and create more of it!

You Have Control Over Your Information

At any time, you can contact Deep Living Lab and inquire what data is stored about yourself, and whether the data is accurate. You can even ask Deep Living Lab to completely erase your personal contact information from all of its marketing infrastructure. Simply email with a subject of PRIVACY REQUEST and assistance will be provided wherever technically feasible.