Start your Enneagram journey and understand how knowing about your type can lead to lasting transformation.

In the session, you will be guided in the Enneagram Inquiry Process™, which includes:


Will I know my type at the end of the session?

Some people identify their type with one exploration session; others can take a few weeks, or even months, to discern between a few different types.

It is important to keep in mind that the process of discovery is just as valuable as finding your actual type. The Enneagram is a powerful transformational tool precisely because it invites a deeper capacity for self-awareness and understanding. Noticing your patterns, motivations, and gifts throughout your daily life is essential in this process.Your Deep Living Coach will help you see which patterns to observe and can help point you in the right direction.

What’s different about the Deep Living approach to the Enneagram?

We believe deeply ingrained patterns that no longer serve us will naturally fall away as we adopt a compassionate, kind attitude towards ourselves and our experience.

It is a counterintuitive approach in that we find there’s nothing to fix, including ourselves and our identified Enneagram type. The Enneagram is not another self-improvement project or tool, and you don’t need to change your personality, to be a better friend, partner, co-worker, or parent. Instead, the Deep Living approach facilitates deep self-acceptance which, in turn, allows freedom and choice.

Paradoxically, this self-acceptance leads to change through the freedom to be fully human, including what may feel dark, “bad,” or shameful. Facilitating this self-acceptance is made possible by practicing and embodying the Five Vital Qualities

The Enneagram serves as both a practical and spiritual map in that each type offers a doorway into a greater sense of wholeness and capacity. We begin to uncover the magnificence of our nature and a deep reverence for all of life.