Reveal the next layer to support your highest well-being, personally and professionally.

Partner with one of our highly-trained Deep Living coaches for courageous and compassionate inner work with lasting transformation.

Choose from:
  • A one-time Enneagram Discovery Session (Popular when first exploring your type)
  • A series of three or nine Coaching Sessions (All levels of Enneagram familiarity welcome)

Enneagram Discovery Session

Enneagram curious and not sure about your type or how to apply those insights?

Identifying your dominant Enneagram type brings heightened awareness about your personality patterns when you're struggling and when you're thriving. This one-time 75-minute private session offers clarity about your strengths and growing edges.

What’s different about the Deep Living approach to the Enneagram? We believe deeply ingrained patterns that no longer serve us will naturally fall away as we adopt a compassionate, kind attitude towards ourselves and our experience. The Enneagram serves as both a practical and spiritual map in that each type offers a doorway into a greater sense of wholeness and capacity. We begin to uncover the magnificence of our nature and a deep reverence for all of life.


Deep Living Coaching

Looking to experience coaching through the lens of the Deep Living and a Presence-based approach to the Enneagram with seasoned experts in the field?

Unhook from limiting beliefs that hold you back while receiving accountability. Regardless of your vision for the three-session or nine-session coaching series, emerge with strengthened agency and deeper knowing to meet whatever comes your way. This supportive container is ideal to explore a transition, goal, or curiosity with new possibilities.

Why is Deep Living Coaching different? We believe there is nothing to fix. Your life is not a self-improvement project, and you don’t need to optimize your personality to be a better friend, partner, co-worker, or parent. Instead, the Deep Living approach is counterintuitive in that we facilitate deep self-awareness and self-acceptance. Paradoxically, we feel the freedom to respond, rather than reacting habitually. This, in turn, leads to change. We feel fully human, including what may seem like the “bad” parts we want to hide, fix, or discard.


Meet Our Deep Living Coaches