Deep Living Coaching

Unhook from limiting beliefs that hold you back and step into your true nature.


Deep Living Coaching is for people who:

  • Feel trapped, stuck, and unable to tolerate another season of things remaining the same.
  • Struggle with a challenging personal or professional relationship.
  • Are in a life transition where the ground has shifted and uncertainty feels overwhelming.
  • Want to make an important decision with guidance and support.
  • Wish to receive regular coaching as part of mental and emotional self-care and well-being.
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Meet Our Coaches

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What’s different about Deep Living Coaching compared to other types of coaching?

We believe there is nothing to fix. Your life is not a self-improvement project, and you don’t need to optimize your personality to be a better friend, partner, co-worker, or parent. Instead, the Deep Living approach is counterintuitive in that we facilitate deep self-awareness and self-acceptance.
Paradoxically, this self-awareness and self-acceptance leads to freedom to respond, rather than reacting habitually. This, in turn, leads to change. We feel fully human, including what may seem like the “bad” parts we want to hide, fix, or discard.
Deep Living Coaches are skilled in setting clear intentions, asking questions that elicit new insights, and listening with compassion and presence so you discover the answers already within you.

Deep Living Coaching is courageous and meaningful work.