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Pause & Discern: Coaching for Compassionate Truth Underneath the Inner Critic

Thursday, July 11, 2024

8:30am-10am PDT.   10:30am-12:00pm CDT.   11:30am-1:00pm EDT

Join us as we identify the signs that the inner critic is present and support our clients to relax their attachment to this false story.



Courageously Connected: Virtual Retreat

September 27-28, 2024

Our virtual retreat is a three-part experience to open your heart and restore your vitality from home. Do you have the courage to break free from cycles that may be holding you back, find clarity in your purpose, and be present to your state of being? Together, we will quest, dare, and grow!



Santa Sabina In-Person Retreat

November 1-3, 2024

San Rafael, California

Join us for a powerful weekend to regenerate in the sanctuary of the Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael, California. We will journey through the portal of essential connectedness, a foundational component of engaged presence.



Deep Living Circles

Deepen in community with ongoing practice circles. Intimate groups meet monthly to experience, explore, and practice the capacities of engaged presence.

In-Person and Virtual


Enneagram Discovery Sessions

Experience clarity in this personalized 75-minute session as a Deep Living Coach guides you through the Enneagram Inquiry Process™



One-on-One Coaching

Partner with a Deep Living Coach to step into your true nature. Experience lasting transformation with accountability.



Customized Programs

Collaborate on an experience to meet your organization's needs.

Virtual or In-Person


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Past Offerings

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Return to Center: Experience Engaged Presence

Returning in Fall 2024

When we experience engaged presence, our way of being shifts. We feel it. Our clients, loved ones, and coworkers notice. We carry ourselves differently. We have clarity about what we are called to do and are attuned to the inner wellspring of nourishment and guidance always available to us. This course takes you on a guided journey through the portals of EnneaCrossings™ and reveals ways to function at a higher level within your Enneagram type and realign with your authentic nature.



Pause & Discern: Live Your Truth Beyond the Inner Critic

Part of the Pause & Discern Inner Critic Series

We all have distracting inner voices that limit our ways of being and behaving. What is possible when you pause and discern before believing the incessant whispers (or yells) of the adaptive inner critic? Join us to shift your personal relationship with the universal noise inside of us all. Invite fresh insights to more readily access your deeper truth and show up fully to do your work in the world.


Interact with Agency and Compassion: The Wisdom of Enneagram Social Styles

Part of the Experiential Enneagram Series

Expand your awareness of the Enneagram with practical insights and refreshing ways to approach your social interactions and work with clients. This 75-minute session on Social Styles supports you in navigating times of stress with deeper understanding, flexibility, and empowered choice.