Deep Living Lab Collective

The Deep Living Lab Collective includes our Board of Directors, employee team, and facilitators who collaboratively develop and facilitate Deep Living transformative experiences, fulfilling our mission and vision.


Board of Directors

Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Emeritus Board Member & Founder

Roxanne Howe-Murphy is a thought leader and pioneer in integrating the Enneagram and coaching. She is the author of the multi-award-winning Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature (ed and revised, 2020) and Deep Coaching: Using the Enneagram as A Catalyst for Profound Change (second edition 2022). She founded an Enneagram coaching school, and is founder and board emeritus of the Deep Living Lab. She teaches internationally and has been a frequent presenter at International Enneagram Association conferences since 2011.

Read more about Roxanne here.

Marcia Hyatt, Board Chair & Facilitator

We are so much more than we know. Building our capacity to be present we become more self-aware. With this awareness we see choices that lead to a more generative and intentional life. Working with leaders (and myself) over the past several decades, I know we can change. We can move beyond our patterns to become increasingly more grounded and aware; to become leaders in our lives and in the world. I have experience working inside corporations, government, higher education and non-profits. In 1991, I co-founded a leadership consulting firm and in 1997 co-founded a public Women’s Leadership development program still operating today. In 2008, working with WTIP, I created a weekly radio feature, Best of Ourselves. I am certified by Power & Systems (systems thinking) and the Deep Coaching Institute and International Coaching Federation (coaching) and the International Enneagram Association (enneagram professional). I live in the northwoods of Minnesota with my husband and our two dogs.

Irma Velasquez, Board Member & Facilitator

As a mother, educator, nonprofit leader, artist, author and life coach, I’ve become passionate about exploring the common threads that connect us to ourselves and our communities. Building the capacity for presence has been at the core of my inner work for the past twenty years. This practice has guided me as a parent of a special needs young man and a leader in the fields of education and non-profit management. I value the power of collectively sharing our inner experiences with others as a way to heal ourselves and our world.

My memoir Fish Dreams, A Mothers Journey from Curing Her Son's Autism to Loving Him as He Is, was published in 2022.

Joe Zeimentz, Board Member

We all benefit when each of us is able to tap into our true essence and live authentically with its guidance. When we give ourselves permission to live openly, with curiosity and fully engaged in the present moment, we give our true self the space to be heard. The result is the opportunity to contribute our unique gifts to the world by living deeply, using our inner voice as our guide.

For me, that includes a commitment to mental and physical health and emotional well-being, advancing health equity, connection to nature, and collaborating with others to cultivate a kinder, more compassionate world. I enjoy building mission-driven organizations and teams, and my experience includes building for profit and nonprofit organizations and teams that are thriving in impacting people's lives in the areas of mental and emotional health and well-being. On my journey, I've enjoyed creating and building a mental health therapy practice from the ground up to 10 clinicians (including five bilingual, multicultural therapists) focused on providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to underserved communities, as well as building a nonprofit organization, including recruiting a team, leading operations, and working closely with the executive director and an active board of directors to drive impact and sustainability in serving a mission that included creating and disseminating programs and tools (including a well-being app) used across the globe.

I enjoy living and playing in the wild of Central Oregon, as well as traveling and experiencing new places and cultures.


Deep Living Lab Employees

Deep Living Lab acknowledges the land we are on is not our own. We recognize the seen and unseen ways the land and people on it have been and continue to be shaped over time.

Liz Vanderwerff, Executive Director

Liz envisions Deep Living Lab's greater potential to contribute to the field of well-being and guides a skilled team of individuals to advance our mission. She is attuned to the creative process of growing a purposeful organization consciously. She leads with a belief that doing our work with integrity and being true to our unique essence will create kinetic energy, a gravitational pull that invites new possibilities to emerge. She has served in key roles at other visionary non-profits that are advancing our understanding of mental health and well-being, exploring bold new ways to deepen consciousness, and offering relief from suffering. 

“Building my own capacity for engaged presence has been the most enriching journey of my life. The process of knowing myself on a deeper level through the Enneagram and how I relate to others never ceases to reveal new edges, new awakenings, and new dimensions of reality. When I bring my attention to the fullness of being here right now, I move through my day with more tenderness, patience, and courage, all at once. I'm able to release my grip on what I thought was true and begin again, and again. It has been a gift, truly, to practice Deep Living.”

Liz lives along the Yahara River in Wisconsin where she gardens, kayaks, and explores the natural beauty of her surroundings. 

Diana Redmond, Experiential Learning Director

Diana learned the value of including the wisdom of our hearts and bodies in our consciousness while studying and practicing eastern scriptural texts and bringing esoteric wisdom into the western mindset. She infuses three decades of experience as a professional coach, Enneagram facilitator, and curriculum designer to co-create offerings that cultivate abiding trust in our innate intelligence – an intelligence that naturally moves us towards wholeness and living our deepest nature.

“My love for the practical wisdom contained within the Enneagram and EnneaCrossings™  developed from a long-standing desire to bring deeper knowing and understanding into the challenges of our complex daily lives. It is an honor to work with an outstanding group of facilitators to create offerings that serve our collective well-being. My joy in this work comes from witnessing people experience their more expansive nature and making choices that create a more just and generative way of living.” 

Diana lives in San Rafael, California where she enjoys hiking the hills, time with her family, pickleball, and continued personal work.

Jean Blomo, Participant Experience Designer

Jean was part of breathing life into Deep Living Lab’s roots as our first employee and continues to weave her many gifts into the tapestry of Deep Living Lab as we evolve. She is integral to developing and delivering meaningful offerings to our community. Her career has included a wide variety of professions with a throughline: Jean is passionate about taking big ideas and visions and actualizing them through creative problem-solving, consistency, and an adventurous spirit of experimentation.

“As a fitness coach, I felt confused by the wide variety of motivation levels among my clients. The Enneagram unlocked this mystery along with creating a new path of self-compassion and healing for my own struggles. These experiences led me to become a Certified Deep Coaching Professional with DCI and find Roxanne and Deep Living Lab.” 

Jean lives near Sacramento and enjoys spending time camping, hiking, and exploring.

Kerrigan Cross, Administrative Operations Manager

Kerrigan brings her expertise in project management, process improvement, organizational systems, and company-to-client relations. She is resourceful and her skills are evident both behind the scenes and in her role, supporting our offerings and organizational development. After being a part of operations within various industries, she joined Deep Living Lab, refreshed by the radically different work culture of prioritizing the humanity and wholeness of both the employees and the practitioners. Honoring presence within productivity supported Kerrigan in getting in touch with the value of her humanity and living out her purpose in a new way. 

“Working at Deep Living Lab has been restorative, healing, and life-changing, both personally and professionally. Since joining the team, my relationship with curiosity has shifted, and I find joy in the journey over the need for a perfect outcome or achievement. I've unlocked a creative freedom that's always been within me—but it's now liberated!”

Kerrigan is based in Dallas, Texas, and can be easily found in a corner knitting.


Deep Living Lab Facilitators

Pamela Johnson, Facilitator

Pamela is the founder of SoulPATH Guidance.  She is a Transformational Life Coach, Deep Living Lab Facilitator & Coach, Caroline Myss Educational Institute (CMED) Mentor & Facilitator, Enneagram Educator, and Soul Archetypal Consultant.  Her calling is to help you discover your inner treasure, become an agent for positive change in your life, and empower the authority of your soul.  Decades of experience with practical, creative, and spiritual studies establishes Pamela’s unique approach to her work as a guide, teacher, and facilitator.

The Deep Living framework of change supports the work we do together in circles, retreats, and individual sessions.  Through deep listening, Pamela supports your ability to explore the depths of your being, deepen courage, discover inner wisdom, and embark on the adventure of the inner work needed to bring your gifts to earth.

The distinctive journey she guides you along is yours alone. It is deep, personal work activating awakened + alive access to your whole self.  In working together, you will feel seen, held in compassion, and deeply understood as together we identify and manage both light and shadow aspects of your being.

Your presence and inner space will expand. As wisdom enters, motivations behind your processing of thought into words and action illuminate. You’ll come to own the healthful side of your sovereign power, thereby constantly strengthening your inner compass.  It’s a profound and healing journey.

Samuel Schindler, Facilitator

Samuel is a Personal Development/Life Coach with certifications and training from the Deep Coaching Institute, The Narrative Enneagram, and the Diamond Approach. His heartfelt interest is to support, guide and accompany you into your unique experiences of Presence – True Nature/Spirit itself as You – often perceived as a palpably felt ‘isness.’

Samuel employs body–based inquiry practices to guide you into greater contact with your immediate, felt experiences of sensation, feeling and quiet mind knowing to discover hidden truths, uncover obstacles to growth and access your inner guidance. His coaching draws on depth of personal and professional life experiences including teaching, training and employee coaching in culturally diverse settings.

He holds this work as one of awakening together, discovering truth and guidance within the coaching dynamic as the consciousness of both coach and client impacts each one and the other.

Laurie Cummins, Facilitator & Editor

Laurie was born with a desire for deep connection and has long been a spiritual seeker.  In 2015, she encountered a psycho-spiritual model she recognized as a remarkable instrument for inner and collective peace—The Enneagram.  This moment of clarity was so dramatic, in fact, that she would later refer to “life before” and “life after” the Enneagram. Laurie immersed herself in the study of it and learned to connect with quiet mind, true heart, and somatic wisdom.

Further exploration led her to the Deep Coaching Institute, where she became a certified deep coach.  With the goal of bringing the Enneagram and Deep Living principles to others, Laurie now offers typing services and leads an Enneagram circle in her hometown of Iowa City, IA.

She also combines her passion for these ideas with her fondness for writing and editing to spread a simple message: Boundless love is powerful beyond our wildest imaginations.

Dr. Avon Manney, Facilitator

Avon Manney, DO, MS, uses the Enneagram as a spiritual map for transformational work and alignment with Divine will both personally and professionally. As a physician, Enneagram consultant, and more recently a co-facilitator of group circles, she has helped people create healthier relationships with the self while striving for balance energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

She received a bachelor's degree in psychology from U.C. Berkeley, a master's degree in counseling, and a medical degree with a specialty in physical medicine and osteopathy. She has also integrated into her practice energy medicine, Reiki (Usui and Angelic) and shamanic healing.

Avon sees the importance of bringing presence, empathy, and intuition to medicine and healthcare. She believes the Enneagram continues to be a powerful means of bridging spirituality and awareness with medicine and healing.